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Business need

Stadium cribs manufacturing stadium shaped pet beds is the first of its kind to popularize cool pet beds. Stadium Cribs has translated the experience of the US soccer fans accompanied with their pets in these stadium shaped cool pet beds. The manufacturing company also has an online presence since 2013 but the company authority wanted to provide their customers with the right kind of experience. Stadium Cribs wanted to differentiate itself from other brands through a new responsive e-commerce website.

The existing website design was just a 3DCart theme template which was an old fashion design and not at all user-friendly. Hence Stadium Cribs wanted to refurbish their website: redesign their existing website with intuitive search and easy navigation. The customer also wanted to make their website responsive to ensure easy accessibility through all the platforms.

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Role of Kloudz Computing

Kloudz Computing analyzed the business need of the client and proposed a digital strategy for Stadium Cribs with greater highlight on its brand image. The User Experience (UX) of the website was also overhauled after an extensive website analysis, keeping in mind the latest web trends, to ensure easy navigation and intelligent merchandizing.

The existing website of Stadium Cribs is an e-commerce site built on the 3D Cart platform. Kloudz Computing re-designed the website pages and then had to implement the same on the 3D Cart platform. As the 3D Cart platform does not support third party custom design, the entire process involved re-engineering the 3D Cart platform which required a good knowledge and expertise of HTML and CSS.

Business benefits

The new design will now help to do away with the traditional UX of retail e-commerce and to enhance the browsing and buying patterns of the end users. The improvised design showcases the products at their best the top sellers are now displayed on the home page banner. The new design will help users find superior product knowledge with greater attention to detail.

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Kloudz Computing demonstrated an exceptional collaborative ability to work with us to help us create a unique e-commerce experience through their out-of-the-box digital design strategy.

– Mike Kruger, President, Stadium Cribs

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