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Business need

Real Henderson Football Club (RHFC) focuses on the development of youth soccer skills by providing them with good coaches, soccer fundamentals, fields, and great environment. Capitalizing on the immense present day opportunities can sometimes prove to be a challenging task. On the completion of successful years and to continue the same and abide by its commitment towards excellence in developing young soccer players, RHFC wanted to:

  • streamline processes
  • ensure true service agility
  • ensure operational processes are executed to perfection
  • reach out to a greater audience without increasing the operational expenditure

With the increasing number of candidates it was becoming more and more difficult to keep track of the user information. The existing administrative process was labor-intensive and more prone to mistakes. Real Henderson FC wanted to stay ahead of the curve by warranting its growth while maintaining their focus on their mission of all-round development of individuals to build their youth soccer career.

rhfc images

rhfc images

Role of Kloudz Computing

Kloudz Computing, with its years of experience in the arena of application of technology to bring about beneficial impact for its clients, suggested an improvement proposal to RHFC. Kloudz Computing was aware that for RHFC to ensure that they continue maintaining the quality of their programs they should be able to systematically capture and report their user data.

Accordingly a dynamic website was developed by Kloudz Computing for RHFC consisted of the front end i.e. the User Interface section, along with Content Management System (CMS). The dynamic website proved to be an ideal medium for reaching out to a greater audience. The CMS of the site has been developed using custom PHP which is a sturdy platform to develop business applications. The platform is versatile that will allow seamless business expansions in the future while delivering high finish interactivity to its users. The user interface of the website has been developed in HTML5 to ensure that it is multi-device compliant.

Business benefits

With the solution offered by Kloudz Computing, RHFC now possesses everything they need to build a highly specialized solution that will help them transform and improve their processes. The dynamic website proved to be an ideal medium to reach out to a greater audience showcases all the news and information to meet the marketing and business expectation of RHFC. The responsive design negates the development of a separate mobile site will provide long term ROI without increasing any operational cost.

The provision of online admission process through the website, from providing admission forms to their submission, has greatly helped in streamlining the session admission process. Moreover the earlier documentation process was rather cumbersome and was more prone to be faulty, but with the solution provided it be easier for the client to track user information. The administrative process became less labour-intensive and was less prone to be faulty due to reduced paper work.

rhfc mobile


We are highly satisfied by the solution that Kloudz Computing provided us. The entire operations processes have now been streamlined and we can now better concentrate on building a robust soccer team. We are also sure that this website will also provide us with long term benefits. We thank the team for acting as our proficient/ practised IT consultant as well for their 24×7 services.

– Jaime Ayala, Founder and President, RHFC.

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