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Date: 21-06-2017
Ways You Can Frame Art Affordably

Money? Art? Parallel lines that fail to co-exist. Yet, a tangent occurs when you can nurture art by saving the extra buck. It may come across as a tedious thing to do yet it really comes down to subjectivity. As wise men have pointed out since times immemorial - 'Do your own thing in your own way. Fabricate what's yours and garnish the unknown and thus, create what's yours yet unknown.'

There are different ways in which one could get their art framed and some of them are quite light on the wallet. Choosing the perfect frame for your artwork helps you bring out its finest details along with the artistic potential. Yet, what follows might help you do something on your own without resorting to unanticipated expenses and hidden overheads.

P.S. - It has no overheads.  Yes? Indeed. 

Here are a few easy ways in which you can make the most out of your tight wallet - 

  • Find the right frame - bamboo, wood or just plain old fake plastic – there are a lot of options to choose from. Customisation can be costly and also a little too hard on time. Yet, sometimes, after a lot of struggle, you will find the perfect frame in some shack down the street. This also includes choosing a frame according to the size and space you have for display in your home or exhibition hall.

  • Make your own frame - zero investment if you can make your own frame. Moreover, a foundation coupled with sticks (preferably ice cream sticks) and then, using wires to strengthen the base. In the end, add colourful handmade paper to that and you're done. 

  • Reuse an existing old frame - this can be a little challenging if you do not know what you're doing. A frame can be altered according to your own preferred size and dimension. Once done, apply glue and if you have wooden carvings the end result is going to be even better.

  • Choosing the right colour matt - The best way to go is to select a neutral colour matt while framing your art to let the focus remain on the artwork and not on the elaborate framing.

Points to be noted while framing prints or watercolour paintings - 

It is always beneficial if you have a glass attached to your frame. Choose the frame carefully since getting an external glass could add to your expenses. Make sure that you find a non-reflective glass (NRG), which is slightly more expensive and is much easier and quicker to work with than regular glass. It also diffuses the light reflection along with protecting your artwork from dust and harm.

Clean the glass very carefully. One can use liquid soap or detergent to remove dirt and dust accumulations. Using a soft sponge is important or else scratches might make your art look distorted. Once you are done with the glass (frame), check for any sort of stains. Yes, you might have to do a bit of cleaning. On the brighter side, you will be saving a lot of money. It is important to check the edges before finally assembling your artwork.  

There is no one set method of doing anything and the same goes for framing art. The more innovative and simplistic you can be, higher are the chances of your artwork standing out among the rest.