Know about the SEO predictions for 2017

Digital marketing pattern in 2016 witnessed the predominance of mobile first concept due to increase in the mobile traffic in the recent past. Now with this shift of focus on the mobile space having gained in momentum voice search will now be the centre of all attention. With the increase in mobile usage the search patterns have also been revolutionized. Research reveals that one-in-five mobile users now uses voice search to find any data. With this change in the search pattern the keywords pattern will also change from the use of short crisp keywords to longer and more complex phrases. With the increasing usage of the voice search the content strategy needs to be developed accordingly keeping the long tailed complex keywords in mind.

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In accordance to the mobile first strategy advertising patterns will also witness a change laying greater emphasis on mobile ads. To get a better understanding of the customer mindset, advertisers should indulge in analyzing the search queries. Such predictive analysis will help in developing appropriate social media marketing strategies. We need to more and more explore the audience targeting tools which are focussed around human behavior.

With specific marketing strategies in place and the presence of a number of platforms and APIs, audience targeting will now become easier and more focussed. Creating customized advertisements specific to your target audience will prove to be more effective. The focus has to be customer specific with greater emphasis on engagement. The so called traditional advertising methods like banner ads, keyword triggered ads have now lost their eminence as in most cases viewers do not click these advertisements. Digital marketing ideas will now have to be redefined keeping in mind the end-user’s point of view.

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