Planning for a mobile presence for you business? Know what suits your business better Mobile Website Vs Mobile App

In one of our previous blogs about optimizing your website based on Google’s Algorithm we have spoken about making websites mobile-friendly to improve Google’s ranking. As the digital world is going mobile, the smartphone generation is indeed becoming app-driven. But having a mobile website is an easier way of reaching out to a greater audience and to begin with in the first place. Despite a similar look and feel the basic difference that exists between a mobile website and a mobile app is that the former is browser based whereas an app has to be downloaded and installed on your handheld devices.


Depending on your business need one has to take the decision whether to develop a mobile website or a mobile app for your business.

If you have successfully created a good customer base and are dealing with some sort of interactive content then developing a mobile app is indeed the better choice. But developing a mobile app is a time consuming affair and is sure to incur a huge expense. Unlike mobile websites which are compatible across devices mobile apps generally have to be developed separately for different platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry etc.

Some frameworks are now available in the market which allows you to develop an app which is cross platform compatible. Mobile websites also provide greater flexibility when it comes to upgrading while updating an app requires updates to be pushed to all users which in-turn has to be downloaded in each device. Despite the shorter shelf-life on an app on a average when it comes to interactive engagement on a personalized level, apps definitely possess a competitive advantage.

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