Facebook unveils the next level of video


Social Media giant FACEBOOK, unveiled its own 360-degree stereoscopic 3D video camera at the F8 Developer Conference in California.The company calls this new device , the Facebook Surround 360. This summer, Facebook will give away for free, both the camera's designs and the complex software that weaves the camera's myraid images into one complete three- dimensional landscape.

This black circular camera has a disk-shaped spaceship like design that has 17 evenly spaced lenses. The camera records images from all 17 lenses and produces a 360-degree spherical video for viewing virtual reality headsets like the Samsung Gear ( Stereoscopic 3D ) and on ordinary smartphones, tablets & PCs ( Monoscopic). The Surround 360 is Facebook's attempt to popularize realtime video broadcast. This is sure to make realtime broadcasting a more vibrant experience.

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